Why we do what we do

Retaining consumers is a key component of any sustainable business strategy

Providing consumers with a positive experience through their digital journey can dramatically extend the lifetime value of your client base. Our ambition is to empower businesses to be more consumer-centric, with technological solutions playing a supporting role (rather than dictating processes and determining outcomes). This approach enables the people in the process to connect on a human level with the technology enabling them to deliver fair outcomes that demonstrate understanding. 

Bespoke Solutions

Lumin provide integrations between platforms and build bespoke solutions to address unique B2B and B2C business challenges. These can include online client interfaces for optimal consumer engagement and digital solutions for internal process improvements. 

Specialist Expertise

We can not only identify areas for improvement with data-driven insight and best practice benchmarks but can build the technology to empower your business to achieve its engagement and retention potential.

Dispute Resolution Platform

Our dispute resolution platform empowers businesses to connect with consumers online, providing a positive user experience by intuitively recording their complaint which is then immediately available for colleagues to resolve issues in a way that restores confidence.

Providing a positive consumer experience


Complainant retention by businesses that resolve consumer issues quickly and easily.


Average increase in the speed of complaints handling through our platform.


Decrease in costly appeals where process changes and our platform are used.

Who we are

Empowering consumer-centric businesses

What do you get when you pull together seasoned energy and communications consultants, genius data scientists, a crack team of senior project managers and the cream of full stack technology developers?

The answer is Lumin: a team of dynamic problem solvers focused on improving the way that providers and consumers engage. 

Lumin are dedicated to building better businesses through increasing consumer satisfaction.

We're human

We use our expertise in data insight to understand the human impact and make a difference to others.

We're ambitious

We do our best work when invited to ask difficult questions. We push to stay ahead of the game. We’re ambitious for you.

We're collaborative

We develop trusting relationships that enable us to challenge thinking around your wants and needs, to create the right outcomes.

Meet some of our team

Our problem solvers

Rob Fawcett's portrait photo

Rob Fawcett

General Manager

The visionary behind Lumin, Rob’s experience spans the highs of innovating transformational solutions to the lows of picking up the pieces of poorly designed and under-delivered technology programmes. Having seen the best and worst of digital delivery, Rob is passionate about working in a strategic, consultative partnership to build better businesses. 

Rob has hand-picked a dynamic team of problem solvers who collaborate to challenge, transform, maintain and evolve the businesses Lumin support.

Gareth Davies's portrait photo

Gareth Davies

Head of Development

Gareth leads the technical advancement of all solutions Lumin design, develop and support. His experience lies in facilitating the development of intuitive user experiences that optimise consumer engagement and deliver tangible value. 

Gareth and his teams collaborate with our clients to ensure that we evolve meaningful connected solutions that align with their business needs and processes, resolve issues, build confidence and support growth.

Suzy Lavelle's portrait photo

Suzy Lavelle

Head of Project Management

Suzy’s 17 years’ experience in IT project management for the communications and energy sectors is central to Lumin’s approach. She contributes valuable insight in how improving employee and consumer experience increases business values. 

Suzy’s scientific background and analytical thinking ensure that every aspect of a project, solution and delivery plan is carefully considered, tailored to the business and brought in on time and on budget.

Glyn Collins's portrait photo

Glyn Collins

Head of Customer Care

Glyn joined the Lumin team with over 30 years’ experience in providing exceptional customer IT support. He understands the value of building relationships with high trust values and what it takes to maintain and evolve the IT systems that underpin business operations. 

Glyn and his team are dedicated to their clients and are proud to go the extra mile in the support they provide.

What we do

Lumin specialise in consumer retention through positive complaint handling

Our team of consultants review your current processes and combine their findings with those of our data analysts to provide valuable insight on how to improve your service and engagement.


Our team includes business analysts, consumer experience experts, data scientists, IT, infrastructure and system consultants, all motivated to understand and improve how your consumers and employees connect.

Project management

The projects that we engage with involve significant scale and scope so we embed our senior project managers within organisations to ensure the very best outcomes.

System integrations

There is seldom a single solution that powers a business so the ability for those systems to communicate with one another has a huge bearing on efficiencies and insight. Lumin specialise in integrating digital systems and data sources to optimise intelligence and streamline business operations.

Deployment oversight

To ensure that adoption is optimised, we often prototype with pilot schemes before implementing mass roll-out. Working with your stakeholders throughout the process is critical, as are our thorough training and onboarding services that ensure that ‘transformation’ is not a buzzword but a reality.

Complementary technologies

Consumer engagement is multi-faceted and omni-channel. 84% of complaints are now submitted via a mobile app. Lumin consultants are well versed in complementary technologies and can help to identify where solutions can add value to your business.

Continuous improvement and security

Our team features certified security experts who use their cybersecurity knowledge to tailor protection specific to your needs, ensuring that your business is resilient and improves in step with your consumers’ expectations. 

System architecture and development

Our consultative approach and technological capabilities enable us to audit, design and develop digital systems that work for your business.

Comprehensive support

Technology requires regular maintenance and as the needs of your consumer and business evolve, your technology needs to keep in step with that. Our comprehensive support services ensure that you have access to both strategic proactive services and support resource whenever you need it.

Sometimes a few well-informed tweaks to your process, online interface or colleague training can have a hugely positive impact, whereas at other times systems and technology require complete modernisation to achieve success.

How we do things

We understand the critical role of technology in consumer engagement and retention

With Lumin you have a partner that understands the science, psychology and technology needed to resolve consumer complaints, restore confidence and build loyal communities. We invest in our clients’ success, digging deep into their processes and consumer experiences to challenge and transform for a more consumer-centric future.


We embed our team of consumer process experts within your business to undertake an audit of your current procedures, practices, systems and available data.


We report back our findings, benchmarked against industry norms, highlighting areas of improvement.


We discuss the strategic priorities of the business and establish the most appropriate course of action.


We collaborate to create optimal consumer experiences and business processes which are often realised through technological solutions crafted to those requirements. 


We measure success through tracking consumer and employee satisfaction rates. We know that happy consumers and employees make happy and successful businesses.